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Trivia Quiz - Questions & Answers

Following are the questions and answers (in bold) to the Trivia Sheet about the Steamboat NATCHEZ.   We hope the Trivia program is educational as well as just plain fun! 

  1. The type of music played by the band on the NATCHEZ is called Dixieland or Traditional Jazz.
  2. The current NATCHEZ is 46 years old. (built in 1975)
  3. The NATCHEZ has 3 decks.
  4. In the main deck dining room are _7__chandeliers.
  5. The names of some of the boats that the NATCHEZ has raced are the CREOLE QUEEN, DELTA QUEEN, AMERICAN QUEEN and MISSISSIPPI QUEEN.
  6. The NATCHEZ is the last paddlewheel boat on the Mississippi River that is actually powered by steam.
    1. The engines on the NATCHEZ were used on the Steamer CLARITON. There is a photo in the main dining room.
  7. The maximum number of people that can be aboard the NATCHEZ at one time is 1200.
  8. The giant wheel that once would steer a steamboat is in the Main deck salon looking out at the paddlewheel.
  9. The end of the boat where you see the paddlewheel is called the “stern”.
  10. The Battle of New Orleans during the American Revolution was fought at Chalmette Battlefield.
  11. The double bridge that you see but never go under during the cruise is the Crescent City Connection.
  12. The “calliope” is the steam-powered musical instrument that plays before the cruises.
  13. There are two smokestacks on the NATCHEZ.
  14. Orange is the color of the life preservers on the NATCHEZ.
  15. On the front of the boat there are 2 “gangplanks” that could be used to get off the boat if there wasn’t a dock.
  16. By way of a telegraph system between the engine room and Pilot House.
  17. The Antlers are on the front of the Pilot House at the very top of the boat. Bonus answer; they represent the winner of a Steamboat Race
  18. BONUS    As the ships change per day the country of one of the ships in the harbor that you passed during the cruise would be mentioned during the narration or seen but we cannot answer for you


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